LFD AUDIO: Will there be a Class D amplifier from Dr. Bews?

I spoke to Dr. Bews recently about this. It’s true that he’s been experimenting with this type of amplification for some months. He’s considering a 90w RMS power amp design for potential release in 2016.

However he tells me that design of a power supply that does justice to the potential of Class D is no easy task. In fact harder than he’s yet experienced with any of his previous designs. To his ears, the quality of the listener experience using Class D is heavily influenced by the power supply design and engineering.

I got the impression that he is keen on the idea and feels Class D has much potential and that the fact it runs (well, his experimental one anyway) cold – hence no heat sink requirements is attractive.

He assured me that no Class D design will bear the LFD Audio brand if it doesn’t equal or enhance the highly respected no-house-sound sound.

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