LFD AUDIO: Mistral CD player, used and on eBay at £500. Now what?

Howard, I have coveted one of these for years after hearing it at one of your demos years back. What would you do?

Please note:

I am receiving an increasing number of calls and emails inviting me to comment if a preowned item on eBay and/or Audiogon is good value. I don’t look at the adverts referred to because I don’t know the seller and although familiar with the model clearly I don’t have direct personal experience of that specific example of that model. This means that my comments should only be considered exclusively in that context.

Moving on:

From a strictly sound quality perspective I know of nothing new currently on the market under £1.5k that is as musically credible. However that isn’t the whole story.

Although Dr. Bews services everything non-mechanical that he has ever made, he cannot service a transport mechanism if it wears out. He has no spares and there are no spares – or to be precise, no like-for-like mechanism replacements. If it were me, with what I know, I wouldn’t pay £500 unless it has at least a 2 years full parts and labour warranty.

Without a warranty, I might take a risk at £200.

Maybe you can get a warranty – assuming of course the sale is via a business rather than private.

I do hope this has been of some help.

Phone me on 07870 192618 if you want me to expand on the above.


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