LFD AUDIO: DAC5 versus DAC5 (SE) and cost of improvements

Q: Howard – what are the upgrades and price lift on the DAC5 (SE)? What does (SE) stand for? Thanks.

A: First things first, throughout the LFD Audio range, (SE) stands for ‘Special Equipment’ and refers to the inclusion of special parts.

In the UK, the identical specification might have the suffix (Signature) as in – for example Zero LE V (Signature). A little confusing but the story behind this is somewhat boring so that’s as much as I can say right now. Moving on …

The (SE) does not replace the standard DAC5. The DAC5 remains in production for the foreseeable future

The DAC5(SE) has the following special parts:

  • Elna tonerex
  • Elna silimics
  • Polycarbonate film caps, etc. and the most significant upgrade is the output wiring using a silver ribbon conductor for the latest versions.

None of these upgrades are retro-fittable to upgrade a DAC5 to a DAC5 (SE)

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ME but smaller

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