LFD AUDIO: XLR balanced versus LFD Audio RCA/Phono interconnects

Have you ever done any comparisons with other Interconnects such as the LFD and Townshend? I recently purchased a used LFD grainless RCA off one of the forums for £120, as an upgrade to one of their Spirolink. I have always been sceptical about cables but i’m surprised at the difference. Its not night and day, as the Spirolink is very good, but i feel that the bass is much lower and articulate with better imaging. Very pleased with the overall result

Yes I have. The odd thing is though that while I can readily hear difference between all of these, and more – I can only do so when using RCA phono connections. My ability to consistently distinguish between the same makes when terminated in balanced XLR format is near zero. I can offer not sensible explanation. Consequently I neither endorse nor sell XLR leads more expensive that the LAT. In tests, against used examples of very expensive XLR terminated leads I used for the experiment I couldn’t hear the slightest difference and neither could my customers!


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