LFD Audio speaker cables versus Chord and ………

What benefits could I obtain from purchasing LFD Speaker Cable instead of Chord Speaker Cable? The reason I ask is that I am unable to test the LFD against the other and am curious as to what I might expect. Your advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I’ve no ability to answer your question intelligently. The reason is this.

While it is, in layman’s terms true that cable makers might seem or chose to create the illusion of a ‘house style’ of sonic characteristics, in fact the reality is somewhat different. I’ve never and I repeat never seen, heard or read of – let alone participated in – a demonstration between 2 brands of competitive Interconnects or loudspeakers cables where anyone was able to say for example “hey, that’s an interconnect from XYZ and that other one was from ABC”. It just doesn’t happen and I very much suspect that it couldn’t happen – other than through lucky guesses. Okay so far?

In my experience of over 35 years in this business, a listener is far more likely to hear the differences (and indeed improvements) between different Interconnects from the same brand such as LFD or indeed Chord then they might (or might not) between Interconnects at similar price bands from two or more competitors.

All in all then, an intriguing question to which I can offer no worthwhile reply beyond the above. Thank you.

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