LFD AUDIO: DACs and Mistral CD player – a dialogue

Hi Howard. How is the LFD CD player?

Sonically one of the most musically credible I've ever heard at any price.

Is it worth investing in one?

Not really. There are no spares for the mechanism nor logic boards.

How does it compare with the LFD DAC3?

Similar characteristics but not really up to the finest DAC ever made, probably.

I believe they use different DAC chips but I'm not sure how this translates to the music.

I have no idea. Sorry

I have read that Dr Bews uses either his LFD DAC3 or Mistral CDP to audition his equipment.

Possibly. However please bear in mind that if he does than in all probability they are very heavily modified (he is insatiably inquisitive) since they were discontinued many years ago. Consequently if he does then it would be counter-intuitive to read anything into that.

Hope this helps.


ME but smaller

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