LFD AUDIO: Harbeth and synergy via interconnects

Hi ... I'm the fellow in Arizona with Harbeth C7ES-3′s, the latest incarnation of the LFD Zero Mk III, and the LFD Hybrid RM Speaker Cables. My inquiry concerns a choice of IC for connection with my modified Oppo BDP-83 SE and my LFD Zero. I’ve tried numerous IC’s (Analysis Plus Solo Crystal, Audience AU24, Transparent, Kimber, some simple Beldon IC’s by Blue Jeans Cable, etc.) and found less of the “synergy” I am seeking. I also owned the entry LFD Spirolink IC’s but I’m interested in a better LFD IC. It would seem logical that the synergy between an LFD amplification and the LFD IC’s could be very good given they are both designed by Dr. Bews. Would the LFD Reference Silver IC’s be worth a try with my modest stereo setup? Thank you.

Hello and first my sincere apologies for not replying sooner. Entirely my own fault due to digital misfiling on my part. I hope you can forgive me. Rather than immediately do the usual dealer thing of immediately agreeing with your alluded-to suggestion, on your behalf I would like to consider the matter.

Can you expand on what you mean by the lack of synergy? Could you express this in terms of dynamics, bass tone, detail, mid-range clarity and so on? Once I have this I should be able to advise accordingly. Fortuitously we start on Monday next week a fortnight special promotion on everything LFD. Once again, my unqualified apologies.


ME but smaller

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