LFD AUDIO: Counterfeit (?) cables, forum posers with something to hide, and more

An old issue of HiFi Critic “Best of” lists the LFD Silver Interconnects as recommended IC’s. LFD is mostly unknown by American audio hobbyists, although that flowery Tellig Stereophile review some years back of the LFD Zero III raised some eyebrows here. Fidelis AV is the LFD importer in the USA of course, and California LFD dealer Mr. Rubin (gushing on numerous forums touting LFD) is the primary seller for LFD product. Mr. Rubin sells the basic Spiroflex I level of LFD cable. Doubtless you are aware of all this and much more, so I’ll get to my question(s):

Yup. I’m aware of all this – but thank you for the ‘back story’

Which “silver” LFD IC is HiFi Critic referring to?

Absolutely no idea. Have you considered emailing them?

LFD lists the Silver Horizon and the Silver Reference, and maybe other I’m not aware of.

There are lots. The attached Interconnects.html">LINK shows the entire range with both UK and export prices. There’s no embargo on me export Interconnects to N. America. The LFD importer only holds a restricted range I believe.

I see different looking casing covers on several so-called “silver” LFD IC’s on the internet seller market, and one pair of the LFD Silver IC’s was recently on a New Zealand posting for what was $365 or so. Would that be in kiwi’s? Bad joke.

Yup, bad joke.

We yanks are so flipping ethnocentric aren’t we?

Kind of. However I love being in the USA and I’d be naive to think that those pleasurable experiences are entirely separate from all the really fine US citizens I’ve me during 16 visits. I’m in Colorado in January

Of course counterfeit cables are a nice little cottage industry, and reason several cable seller provide a certification card with their cables (Cardas, etc.), my point being that buying used on the internet is risky.

That’s not entirely correct. It’s true if you a buying used but surely untrue if dealing with an established reputable retailer – like me.

That’s why I inquire to those with whom I can trust based on their experience in such things.

Well the public have only a restricted view. People who post on forums are suspect in my view when they use a pseudonym. What have they got to hide . Anyone who describes himself as tightrsoul would I’d have though raised suspicions in the mind of many. Thus bearing this in mind, and that forums in my opinion are seeded by a combination of the clearly deranged, manufacturer employees posing as disinterest parties, flat-earthers and more, with a splattering of the sincere, well intentioned and decent, I don’t see forums as a reliable source of anything other than bullshit, disinformation and prejudice.

I would like to acquire a used pair (or discounted pair) of the LFD Silver IC’s (I think the reference model), but where?

Discounted prices. Certainly. Take a look at my export prices in the final half of the 26-page pdf attached. Please note though that all LFD prices will rise substantially in January. There is a note on my LFD bulletin board

I’m one of the small group of Americans with some LFD kit.


Most people in the states shop audio with their eyes first, the more pretty lights and features (remote/connections/faceplate/weight/etc.) the better. Sound?

Oh dear. Oh yeah we want some of that too. Duh. I happen to have one of the first releases of the NCSE, and I also use the LFD Hybrid speaker wire.

Good man! Meanwhile I’m experimenting with vintage USA stuff. Vandersteen and SAE in particular. Very fine indeed given the peanuts prices.

Absolutely good stuff. Even near sixty I hear the differences to the positive compared to other gear I’ve owned.

As indeed one would hope for but sometimes cannot achieve.

If you can keep an eye out I’d appreciate it. I know you don’t sell LFD gear that’s sold by dealers here for obvious reasons, but I believe cables may be an exception?

Yes, cables are an exception. LFD Interconnects traded in are a rarity. This is for me a paradox. On the one hand I understand that that if an owner has found a brand that exudes musical credibility then you might want to leave sleeping dogs alone. On the other hand, each increment in price with the LFD Interconnects [less so with the Speaker Cables in my view] shows a small but worthwhile improvement.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If you want a reliable supplier of new and used LFD Interconnects then I’m your man. I don’t deal exclusively by eBay but nonetheless I’m proud of my 100% positive feedback in over 1000 transactions. You can read it HERE

In summary then, yes there is a problem [in fact more than one] when buying LFD Interconnects and Speaker Cables from private sellers. Unfortunately it seems all to easy to produce counterfeits. LFD terminals are sold separately and the sleeving is non proprietary. Moreover the sleeving as used by LFD does not allow over-printing with an LFD logo. Thus there is no way to definitively identify a used cable as being original unless and perhaps it is accompanied by a bona-fide sales invoice from an established LFD retailer made out to the seller.

On top of this is a more pressing and frustrating issues is that by and large all LFD Interconnects look the same and carry no identification markings. I’m certain that from time to time I’ve sold an expensive pair in error for a low-end price and possibly vice-versa too. A couple of years back I started to attach removable string parcel tags to identify what’s what. Very stone age on the 21st Century of course. Ho hum.

Thank you for the opportunity for an interesting dialogue opportunity.


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