LFD AUDIO: Driving Harbeth Super HL5s

I am interested in LFD products for:(1- Definitely): integrated amp with Phono Stage for 2nd system to convert LPs to DVD-A. My son has had an LFD integrated zero for 15+ years and he has not found anything better to replace it. Reading the recent review of the updated Mistral has led to this missive. (2 – Possibly): power amp to drive newly acquired Harbeth Super HL5s. Their transparency has caused me to re-examine the capability of the remainder of the system. I currently use the Alner-Hamblin SA400 amp which is very good. This is driven by a Bel Canto DAC3 which is superb

First, thank you for your interest. I have attached a PDF of the February 2008 Stereophile review of the LFD Integrated. It is one of the most positive reviews of any product I’ve read in recent years. Currently the Integrated (Integrated Zero LE Mk3.1) is on 3-4 weeks back order, with or without the on-board Phono Stage. he most popular front panels to date are Stainless Steel, then black. If you would like to join the waiting list, then all I will require is a holding deposit of £100. The RRP is £1,500 without the Phono Stage and with Phono Stage is £1,700 inc vat. Carriage is free.

Congratulations on acquiring the wonderful Super HL5s. I love them. The ideal LFD power amp for you would be the Powerstage PA1 Mk2 at £1,500 Although the least expensive of the LFD power amps, it is more than adequate. Certainly the Powerstage PA2M (SE) which is 2 mono power amps in one case would be noticeably better, as you might expect at £3,000, the PA3 mono-blocks at £4,000 per pair would be overkill in the context of your system.

ME but smaller

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