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Monday 6 February 2017

I am retiring from selling LFD Audio equipment and retiring from answering the scores of email enquiries I receive each and every week.

My decision has absolutely nothing to do with the equipment; to me it sounds every bit as wonderful as it did all those years ago when I started representing the brand. It's that I'm tired and frustrated with the entire retail process. More on this below. Anyway .....

For those who are not my customers:

My daily proactive involvement (answering enquiries from non-customers, and so on) ceases today, Monday February 06 2017 @ 12 Noon GMT.

For those of you who ARE my customers:

Retroactive involvement in support of my customer-base (responding to questions about  purchases from me, order fulfillment, etc) will continue for at least three months.

Moving on .....

I had a discussion with Dr. Bews just now about a smooth transition for those with enquiries and related matters and claims under warranty too. I have tried to anticipate the questions that might be raised by my retirement and, below, are my answers.

Why have I decided to do this?

First, retailing has stopped being fun. The evidence suggests that carefully considered advice based on years of direct personal experience is of less interest to an increasing proportion of buyers than my ability and willingness to engage in relentless game-playing.

In the retail HiFi world I have observed that the predominant buyer / seller relationship has evolved in a manner and at a pace where it seems that traditional values are less respected than previously. These values are - it seems to me - increasingly marginalised and quite possibly irrelevant to an increasing proportion of today's buyers.

Secondly, an offer from the ever-expanding to be more closely involved with them – albeit unpaid - has proved to be irresistible.

And then of course are my various B2B and B2C software business which I find increasingly engaging.

Am I staying in HiFi retail in any guise?


Might this change?

Very, very unlikely.

Could I have sold LFD4U as a going concern?

Yes. However the business was never offered to the retail trade, I regularly received invitations to consider selling. All invitations were politely but firmly declined by me.  There was, it seems, no shortage of potential buyers. However .....  I feel it best for LFD4U to gently close its eyes and drift into a warm and comfortable ever-deepening sleep until its final breath, with a contented smile on its face.

Am I closing the LFD4U business down?

Not exactly and not yet. It is hibernation; but that doesn’t mean I will have a change of heart. No, the parent company Stereonow (which I own) is not in administration nor gone bankrupt – or anything like that. It too is exiting hifi retailing and moving into interactive magazines. You can read about this at

Outstanding LFD Audio orders

All of these will be completed in a timely and professional manner by me.

Questions from existing customers

These will be handled by me for three months from today.

Data security for subscribers to this LFD 4U community

Your data is held confidentially and will remain so pending a decision by me to delete all records. Under no circumstances will these lent, sold or in any other way made available to any person or organisation - ever.

I thank all of you who through the years have supported LFD4U

I never took any of you for granted; not even a little bit.


Howard Popeck